After becoming a member of European Youth Parliament Lithuania, you will be able to:

  1. run for a position in the National Board or Regional boards if you were a part of the organisation for 6 months, and for the position of the President of the Revisioner if you were in EYP Lithuania for more than 1 year;
  2. participate in the meetings of the National Board, propose your ideas and voice your opinion during the meetings;
  3. attend the events across the continent with priority rights;
  4. hold an email address in eyp.lt domain;
  5. right to participate in every event held by EYP Lithuania.

Moreover, EYP Lithuania encourages you to select a committee within the organisation and get involved in its activities. There are three committees in EYP Lithuania: Human Resources, Public Relations and Finance. Each of them has a specific field of work, allowing each member to try out different activities and learn something new in each of the committees or improve previously acquired skills. The activities of respective Committees are explained below:

Human Resources

Efficient work requires a friendly environment in which members could feel comfortable  – general welfare is one of the committee’s tasks. The Committee on Human Resources is responsible for organising small scale events across Lithuania – EYP days as well as informal events – which usually are the very first steps for any member of EYP. The organising teams learn how to attract participants for their event as well as how to collaborate with the school’s administration and how to represent their organisation.


The Finance Committee is in charge of fundraising, communication with sponsors and providing tips on finance for members of the organisation. Members of this committee are expected to work with the organisation’s finances and learn how to find sponsors efficiently. Members are responsible for attracting long and short term sponsors for various events and the organisation itself. Every year they organise  2% charitable tax donation campaign as well as Networking or charity events. Members of the Committee on Finance learn to work  with sponsors as well as present the organisation and get deeper knowledge on financial processes.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee generally aims to increase public awareness about EYP Lithuania through social media as well as to spread knowledge about upcoming EYP events. The Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the organisational identity, issuing press releases, updating information on our social media platforms.