Other Events

Networking event


In September, 2016 EYP Lithuania hosted its very first Networking event, which attracted many youngsters to learn about the opportunities to become interns or employees in international or public bodies based in Lithuania. We are thankful for representatives of EY, Barclays, TEO, Omnitel, Stockinvest.us, Vilnius City Municipality as well as Algimantas Kriščiūnas who inspired our participants to think about their future careers. The Finance team of 2017 is planning to organise another Networking event in the nearest future!

Annual Summer Trainings


Every summer EYP Lithuania organises its Summer Trainings, dedicated to every member of the organisation. During the two-days training course, the participants learn about the international and national governance of EYP, event management and other subjects related to the activities of EYP Lithuania. The half-year report of the National Board is presented during the event.

Other training events

EYP Lithuania organises around 5 additional training courses for its members. They are usually focused on different fundraising strategies, public communication, facilitating discussions in EYP events or improving internal communication.