Meet the team


President Agnė Laugalytė |

President is the legal representative of EYP Lithuania. Summoning and chairing National Board meetings, daily administrative duties, representation of EYP Lithuania at various governmental institutions, archiving the documents of EYP Lithuania comprise the portfolio of the President. The main coordinator of National Committee, President is responsible for the well-being both of the Board and Members of EYP Lithuania.



Vice-President Sergej Stoma |

Vice-President of EYP Lithuania is the representative of EYP Lithuania internationally. Communication between EYP Network is crucial in order to ensure cooperation of fellow National Committees. Vice-President is the main channel for such cooperation. In case of absence of the President, Vice-President is obliged to take the responsibilities of the President.



Board Member for Finances Aistė Trasauskaistė |

Board Member for Finances is in charge of budgeting, communication with sponsors, and 2% charitable tax donation campaign as well as organising Networking event.  Finances team will focus on certain projects as well as search for long lasting sponsors by collaborating with team of Fundraising.



Board Member for Human Resources Gabija Veličkaitė |

The team of Human Resources, coordinated by a Board Member, organises EYP days, social and gathering events as well as works with EYP Lithuania members to ensure their well-being, opportunities for active participation within organisation, confidentiality of their personal data and awareness about EYP events. Taking the ownership of EYP days, Human Resources are also focusing on EYP representation in schools and its communities.



Board Member for Public Relations Tautvydas Šlapikas |

Board Member for Public Relations maintains the social media platforms of EYP Lithuania, represents the organisation in the media and is responsible for the development of the organisation’s corporate identity. Committee of Public Relations stimulates new ideas and ways for external communication, representation and cooperation.



The National Board of 2018

President Rusnė Marmaitė

Vice-President Haroldas Pakalniškis

Agnė Laugalytė

Akvilė Jasevičiūtė

Austėja Bazaraitė

Tautvydas Šlapikas

The National Board of 2017

President Vilius Paškevičius

Vice-President Giedrė Birmontaitė

Akvilė Suslavičiūtė

Marta Subataitė

Augusta Orlauskaitė

Gintarė Valėnaitė

The National Board of 2016

President Vilius Paškevičius

Vice-President Giedrė Birmontaitė

Akvilė Suslavičiūtė

Gintarė Valėnaitė

Simonas Rubis

The National Board of 2015

President Karol Marač

Vice-President Laurynas Keturakis

Monika Rimdeikaitė

Raimund Marcinkevič

Giedrė Kazokaitė

Gabrielė Šimakauskaitė

The National Board of 2014

President Matas Pajarskas

Vice-President Paulius Dovidavičius

Artūras Solovejus

Robertas Skliaustas

Karol Marač

Austėja Levickaitė

The National Board of 2013

President Matas Pajarskas

Vice-President Paulius Dovidavičius

Ugnė Kripavičiūtė

Antanas Švelnikas

Austėja Levickaitė