EYP Lithuania

40 šalių-3 The EYP Network is comprised of 40 independent national organisations, which are united by unanimously established and supervised international governing bodies as well as our umbrella organisation – the Schwarzkopf foundation. Please find more information about the Network here or by visiting the Network‘s website.
jaunuoliai-3 1500 pupils and students have participated in our events until the end of year 2016. Different positions and responsibilities affected our participants diversely. We strive to expand their network of connections, give them a platform to be heard and tools to improve their skills.
100 savanorių-4 EYP Lithuania is constatly developed by the ideas and knowledge of our volunteers – members and organisers of the events. Since EYP is an educational organisation, in reward to the efforts of our vounteers, we provide them with all necessary knowledge and tools to even further develop their abilities.
14 renginių-3 Up until the beginning of year 2017, EYP Lithuania has hosted 14 large scale events – 13 of them being academic events (National and Regional Sessions, as well as so far the only Student Forum) and one Networking event, which gathered around 100 participants to share information about employment possibilities for pupils and students.
metai-2 In 2012 several active university students established EYP and in the end of the same year the Board of National Committees of EYP recognised EYP Lithuania as a part of the Network. Moreover, in early 2013 EYP Lithuania was officially registered as an association in Lithuania.
renginiai-2 EYP Lithuania constantly organises small-scale events – various trainings, alumni and member meetings and EYP days. Those events are usually the very first step for many our members and, in contrary to large – scale academic events, they are sometimes held in Lithuanian.
valdyba-2 EYP Lithuania is represented by the National Board comprised of 6 people – the President, the Vice – President and 4 Board members. Currently, the Vice – President is responsible for international relations, while the rest of 4 Board members works in areas of Finance, Human Resources, Public Relations and Events Coordination.
filialai-2 There exist two integral parts of EYP Lithuania – Regional Branches in Vilnius and Kaunas. These Branches are supervised by regional boards and work in order to develop the competences and guaruantee the well-being of our members in regions. The establishment of a Regional Branch in Klaipėda is envisaged in the National Strategy of EYP Lithuania for years 2016-2020.